A Quick Review Of The Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

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One of the most common difficulties facing many men is that of hair loss and male pattern baldness.  In fact, baldness can also be seen among females in today’s society – the reasoning for this varying from genetic factors to poor diet.  Fortunately, there are numerous treatments available to reduce the hair thinning and in some cases remove it altogether.  One of these treatments is the pharmaceutical treatment Provillus.  This article is a quick review of the Provillus drug and examines its effectiveness.

provillus-men1If you search online for Provillus Reviews you will find numerous testimonials written by previous consumers – some positive and some negative.  As the product was produced and distributed after undergoing rigorous testing by manufacturers, it is expected that guaranteed high quality results should be experienced.  Furthermore, the cost of Provillus is very affordable and online retailers generally offer free shipping which is a great advantage if you are buying on a budget.  If you are not pleased with the purchase Provillus offers a money-back guarantee to ensure you get the best value for money. Another benefit of Provillus is that it is suitable for both females and males.

Unlike other products, this pharmaceutical manufacturer is aware of the difference in gender and has created a product that meets all criteria for treatment of both sexes.  The drug is presented in two forms that must be used simultaneously during treatment to show any effectiveness in hair growth. Along with all the positives, there must be negatives.  Unfortunately, Provillus is not releasing information on the ingredients of the treatment or the possible side-effects that may occur.  Some reviews do state that there are side-effects including increased hair loss, and if this is the case it is recommended you cease use and contact your doctor.